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Users Manual for Program conv_WS2009_to_kpf_wheel

Program conv_WS2009_to_kpf_wheel converts wheel profiles measured by the WheelScan profile measuring instrument into a format suitable for program KPF.

The measured profiles can be oriented relative to an unworn theoretical profile in program MPLOT by using the command func rot_orient.

Command line options

Following options are understood:

-h = Write an information message
-M = Create a master input data file.
arg(1) = Input-data-file


Input data are read in free format:

Lateral distance from the inside of the wheel to the nominal running circle.
Declared= Real*4    Default= 70 [mm]

WheelScan file of a wheel profile measurement.
Multiple files can be given by using the "*"-wildcard character.
Lines in INFIL beginning with the #-character are treated as comments.
Declared= Character*132    Default= '*.txt'

Reverse the profile(s) before writing the result to the output.
Declared= Character*3    Default= 'yes'

File extension of the output data file(s).
Declared= Character*132    Default= '.wheel'

Example of an input data file

Following example: Master.conv_WS2009_to_kpf_wheelf can be used as a master file:

##     Input data for program "conv_WS2009_to_kpf_wheel"

 turn= yes
 dist_to_origo= 70.

 infil= *.txt
 utfil_ext= .wheel