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Users Manual for Program KPF_PLOT

The program reads the wheel-rail geometry functions from a file and plots the curves on screen in a standardized manner. At the same time, a printer file is generated to be ported directly to a printer.

Input data

Input data are governed by commands and are read in free format:

Up to 3 header lines can be defined
Declared= Character*80    Default= Blank

Comment line.
Declared= Character*80    Default= Blank

Input data file containing the wheel-rail geometry functions.
Declared= Character*132    Default= Blank

Format for graphic output. Valid values for ILASER are intro_common_commands.html#jILASER
Declared= Integer*4    Default= 6

Name of graphic output file.
Declared= Character*80    Default= 'diags/kpf_plot.ps'

Stops further reading of input data.

Example of an input data file

Following example: Master.kpf_plotf can be used as a master file:

IDENT1= 'Program KPF_PLOT plotting of existing wheel-rail geometry functions'   
IDENT2= 'Wheel= S1002t32.5'                                                     
IDENT3= 'Rail = uic60i40'                                                       
INFIL= kpfr/kpf_S1002t32.5_uic60i40.kpfr                                        
ILASER= 6 POSTFI= diags/kpf_plot.ps